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Fans of The Sopranos
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The Sopranos
This is a community dedicated to fans of the HBO series The Sopranos! Everyone is welcome to join and discuss anything and everything related to the show!

There are three simple standards for posting we ask all members of the community to follow:

1 - In fairness to the readers of the community who may live in different parts of the country/world or who may not see an episode when it first airs; please use the LiveJournal cut tag (click here to find out how) when discussing plot developments in an episode first aired in the current season. We are the only LJ community for this show which requests this standard and sticks to it, so add us to your friends' list knowing we're not going to ruin your 3am VCR/TIVO/ON DEMAND fun. Also, new for Season 6, we will be doing an "Episode Post" for comments on the night the show is first aired to keep things organized and not kill anyone's friends page. Beware of spoilers in the comments!

2 - If you are going to share a large graphic or a Sopranos related quiz result, again please use the LJ cut tag to spare those of us with slow connections.

3 - The purpose of the community is to discuss the show and all things related to it! Discussion and debate is cool, namecalling and harassment is not. This is not the place to advertise your community or what you have for sale on e-Bay.

*** Repeated off-topic or spoiler posting will result in removal from the community.
*** Any posts which do not abide by the above listed standards will not be approved by the moderators.

Welcome to the community! Feel free to contact the maintainers for any community related problems (such as spoilers or off topic posts), or just to say hello.


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